Detail overview

This Miss and Chief Double-sided Toy Car will leave your child zooming around the house in glee. This toy car can easily move forward, backward, turn right and left, and it also provides 360-degree rotation. With its high-quality ABS material (non-toxic and environment-friendly) and solid frame chassis, this toy car has high impact tolerance. This safeguards the toy even during rough play. Multi-functional Toy Car This toy car can run on dry land, on a sandy beach, and on wet and grassy land as well. This enables your little one to make his/her toy perform different stunts. Cool Lights To thoroughly entertain your child while playing, this car comes with attractive lights and a wireless remote control so that he/she can easily maneuvre this car. Solid Design This toy car comes with a solid frame chassis, rubber tires, an aggressive tread design, impressive ground clearance, and also provides optimal grip so that your child can easily make the toy car perform power-packed stunts.