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If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, you can now customize Dynamics CRM reports such as Invoice, Quote and Order, in the same way you edit a document with Microsoft Word. Actually, you can create your own report documents for any OOB and customized entity and related entities.

Dynamics Docs are MS Word based templates with merge fields from CRM entities. You can create your own templates or download our free templates. You only pay for the license of the user using Dynamics Docs, at our introductory low price of US$49 only (minimum 7 users).
The most popular templates are for Quote, Invoice, Opportunity, Order, Case and Account, and can be downloaded from the section ”Download Docs Templates” below.
Dynamics Docs automatically converts the document into a PDF file and attached to Note or to an Email either from the form view, list view or workflow.
Sending an email with Dynamics Docs attachment can be triggered with a Workflow. A good example for such functionality is a workflow that starts when an Invoice is created and waits for a period of time; let’s say 14 or 30 days. If the invoice status is not paid during the selected period of time, an Email is sent to the customer,