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The book summarises the errors we generally make while speaking or writing English and enumerates the guidelines that eminent speakers in the world follow. Summary Of The Book The Most Common Mistakes In English Usage is a guide for people who want to acquire flawless English language skills by avoiding the errors we generally make while we write or speak the language. It has chapters on Words Commonly Confused, Commonly Misused Words, Errors made while using Nouns, the Errors made in choosing Cases, the Errors made while using Pronouns, the Errors committed while using Verbs, Errors arising out of Ambiguity between Adverbs and Adjectives, Errors while making use of Predicate Adjectives and also while making use of Adverbs, Errors In use of Prepositions, Common Errors while making use of Modifying Elements, Comparisons and Conjunctions, and common errors made while making use of Punctuation Marks. It also lists Redundancy errors. Moreover, The Most Common Mistakes In English Usage has chapters on the style of using the language, use of words that have broad or vague meanings and other common errors. The best part of the book is that it uses a very subtle view of pointing out these errors and does not aim to dictate how to speak or write English. Therefore, it is not essentially a book on English grammar. About Thomas Elliott Berry Other books by the author are Plots And Characters In Major Russian Fiction, The Craft Of Writing, Journalism In America: An Introduction To The News Media, and Newspaper In The American Novel.